Oleg Yeriomin


The idea of ​​creating a production company appeared not incidentally, in my youth I was interested in the complex mechanisms of devices and also in manufacturing technology of individual items. After many years I am able to do what I like. I’m grateful to my team that brings their work and knowledge in the development of our company. I am sure that any successful business is built on the mutually beneficial partnership. “OLERMET SERVICE” aims to take a worthy place on the market of metal.

Nikolai Galevich


It is a great honor to be the head of the group. It is a celebration of the soul, when every day you want to go to work.

Eugenea Cherednychenko

Lead Quality Engineer

I work in the company “OLERMET SERVICE” recently, but I can say that it is a pleasure to work in the stable dynamic company that does not stand still. Here are all possibilities for self-realization, both in a personal and in a professional sphere. Every staff member is valued and his contribution in the company. Working in “OLERMET SERVICE” it is a constant development, training, and the rallied collective, the team of professionals, reliable management and good mood!

Alexander Mikhailov

Process Engineer

Why have I chosen this profession? In my opinion, the problem lies in finding technologist ways to implement technical ideas when designing something new. I like to realize new ideas and bring them to life.

Olga Polovinkina

International Operations Manager

I am a young specialist in the company “OLERMET SERVICE”.  The company allows me to develop as a specialist, and as a personality. “OLERMET SERVICE” can be classified as one of the most successful companies in the field of metalworking. Our friendly team is making every effort to develop the business in this direction.

оксана 4

Oksana Lugnik

Lead Economist

Our team is a professional in its business, and friendly family in spirit. The guide could pick a team, working with which it is a pleasure. Here every day stimulate to professional growth and personal development.