Manufacture of Metal Items and Structures of varying complexity, according to the drawings and sketches of customers

The company “Olermet Service” takes orders for production batch of metal structures and metal assembly units for different purposes and levels of complexity according to the drawings, sketches of the customer.

Производство любых изделий и конструкций из металла по чертежам заказчика в Харькове, Киеве, Украина
Изготовление, сборка и монтаж металлоконструкций любой сложности по разумной цене

Manufacture of Metal Items and Structures

The company manufactures both standard and nonstandard metal products and structures:

  • Frames for the different facilities;
  • Various metal racks for shops;
  • Corps of technical products (technology and industrial equipment);
  • Welded frame for electric;
  • Different structures for warehouse;
  • Metal supports;
  • Metal products for various industries, such as agricultural machinery, construction, industrial, commercial and other equipment where metal parts are used daily.

Our company is equipped with everything necessary for the production of quality metal products and structures, including metalworking, welding and assembly operations. High professional level of workforce provides not only the quality of manufactured products, but also creates a metal of any complexity to the technical documentation of the customer.

Coordination and checking of work are done with our clients that allow us to solve problems and eliminate them immediately at all stages of production of metal structures and products.

The cost of production of metal structures and metal products depends on

the type of difficulty, type of work performed and services provided

Our customers are always satisfied and come to us again